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2/11/2018 by Scott Groth

The Power of Paint

Paint = Maximum Impact for Minimal $$$

Thinking of sprucing up your house this Spring but don't know where to begin? With HGTV, Pinterest, Home & Garden magazines, and others all giving different direction on where to start, it can be difficult to choose where to be begin. Let me help! I bring you PAINT! Yes, one of the cheapest ways to update your house but can give you maximum impact! When thinking about paint, we are not only thinking about walls but everything...cabinets, tile, ceilings, stairs, railings, accent walls, and the list goes on and on. Light neutrals are always best to showcase your space (especially if you are thinking about selling as studies show lighter colors get higher offers!) but don't be afraid to add some accents. 

Check out this space below that is painted a neutral Alaskan Skies color by Benjamin Moore. The space looks great but the doors add to the intrigue and mystery of the space. Painting the doors rod iron black added extra interest into this space (continued throughout the house). 

Walls and doors are not the only places that you can add maximum impact. Studies show Kitchen and Bathrooms sell homes. Even if you are not selling, these two spaces are areas where life happens in a home. The kitchen is the heart of the home. Friends, family, and food all go together. Its the place where stories are shared over the stove and where friends become family. The bathroom is well the bathroom where life happens as we know. Enough said there. Getting back to Kitchens! 

Do you have ugly, dated cabinets that need updating? Don't have the money for a brand new kitchen? No worries...paint. Yes, paint! Don't like them, paint them. Check out this kitchen that before had light wood cabinets. The homeowner did not like them but didn't want to spend a lot of money to replace. The granite countertops were already in place so we decided to paint. Check out the results with a contrasting tile backsplash to add interest...

The island was accented with the same rod iron black color to give additional visual interest and add continuity to the space. The same color was carried over to the fireplace to give additional impact...

Fresh paint, new backsplash tile, and updated lighting give this space an updated feel for very little money.

Now tackle your spring project with a fresh coat of paint and some great accents to give visual interest!

Happy painting! 


1/20/2018 by Scott Groth

How to Prepare Your House for Market

Let's Get Showstopper Ready!

In the digital age that we currently live, first impressions are everything. The same is true in Real Estate. Buyers are slow to decide their likes but quick to decide their dislikes. Getting your house ready to hit the market is key. Here are a few tips to get your house Showstopper Ready...


1. De-Clutter...EVERYTHING: Take a step back and analyze every room to ensure only necessities are in each. If something doesn't feel like it belongs, it doesn't. Store it, donate it, or hide it! De-cluter want buyers to look at your house, not your stuff! 

2. Make Needed Repairs: Fix leaky faucets, doors that don't close, lightbulbs that are out, patch holes in walls, touch-up paint, and the list goes on. Buyers notice everything and small defects can cause buyers to look for more! 

3. Make your house SPARKLE: Clean, clean, clean. Everything needs to be cleaned. Stain in carpet? Get it cleaned. Clean windows, pressure wash driveway/sidewalk, dust every nook and cranny! 

4. Curb Appeal: Go outside and take a picture of the front of your house. Print it off and analyze it. Honestly, analyze it. Does the front of your house make you want to come in or keep driving? Curb appeal is the first impression potential buyers will see. Invest in making it look great...keep yard mowed, fresh flowers at entrance, sidewalk swept, bushes trimmed. 

Follow these tips and your on your way for a successful home selling process!